Thermal Insulation Filling Material TL-GR-02 Has Been Developed Base on TL-GR-01

TL-GR material is a high inorganic composition of heat insulation filling material, with good temperature resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant performance, and low thermal conductivity. It is recommended to use as the filling material for sandwich heat shields, muffler parts, a steam pipe wrapping and etc. The maximum intermittent working temperature could up to 600 °C ~ 1000 °C.                             

Inorganic fiber insulation material is a common heat insulation material, the main component is mineral fiber or inorganic fiber, usually used in construction, industry and automotive. Mineral fiber and inorganic fiber have excellent thermal conductivity, can effectively reduce the thermal shock caused by temperature change, and can effectively inhibit the conduction of heat energy, play a good thermal insulation effect. Inorganic fiber insulation material has the advantages of light weight, convenient construction, low cost, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sound absorption and noise reduction.It can be made into different forms, such as plate, block, roll, etc., can be customized according to the need for processing.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate inorganic fiber insulation material according to the specific use environment and use requirements, to ensure its thermal insulation effect and service life.In summary, inorganic fiber insulation material is a very effective heat insulation material, has a wide range of application prospects. 

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