BN2520 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

BN2520 is a typical metal rubber coating material, mostly used in the manufacture of multi-layer gaskets, the rubber coating is a nitrile rubber coating with excellent oil resistance, and the metal substrate is stainless steel 301. We also call this material soft metal material, it could made of thin iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate or other metal plate coated with synthetic rubber. It combines the rigidity of metal and the elasticity of rubber and can be used as auto parts, machine parts, electronic equipment parts and so on. The short-term maximum operation temperature for BN2520 could up to 250℃.

Specs of BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

Rubber TypeNBR
Base Metal TypeSUS301
Surface AppearanceSemi-luster black
Overall Thickness (mm)0.25±0.02
Base Matel Thickness(mm)0.20±0.01
Rubber Coating Thickness(mm)0.025+0.005 (Per side)
Max. Operation Temp (℃)≤150C
Rating Adhesion Test ASTM-D3359100% residual
Pull Off Test (Mpa) ASTM-D4541-09≥1.4
Base Metal Hardness (HV)430~ 470
Unaged PhysicalsShore A duromete (Points) ASTM D-224070~ 80
Tensile Strength Mpa (Min.) ASTM D-412≥8
Ultimate Elongation (% min) ASTM D-412≥200
Heat Aged (70 hrs@100"C)Change in Durometer hardness (Points) ASTM D-573-15~ 15
Change in Tensile Strength ( % max.) ASTM D-573-30~30
Volume Change (% max.) Oil IRM 903, ASTM D-471≤40

BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM) Schematic View

BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material(RCM) Schematic View

Rubber Coatings of BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)a synthetic rubber with excellent resistance to oils, coolant, fuel, refrigerant, and other fluids. NBR offers superior abrasion resistance for metal-steel adhesion. Heat resistance up to 200↑in campe state action
Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) FoametThe same characteristics of NBR, with the special benefit of higher conformance to rough sealing surfaces and lower clamp load applications.
Fluoroelastomer Rubber (FKM)Superior heat resistance and fluid immersion performance. Heat resistant up to 250*C in clamped state applications.

Metal Cores of BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

Stainless Steel

SUS301, 3% Hard, Full Hard.


Cold Rolled SteelSPCC,1/4 Hard. C490

Release Surface Coating of BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

PTFEHigh-performance surface coating
ResinAnti-stick Coating

Features of BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

  • Oil Resistance: NBR rubber has excellent oil resistance, which makes it suitable for use in various lubricating oil, fuel oil, and other oil-containing systems.

  • Abrasion Resistance: NBR rubber has good abrasion resistance, which can withstand high-speed friction and wear.

  • Heat Resistance: NBR rubber has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures up to 100°C.

  • Chemical Resistance: NBR rubber has good chemical resistance and can withstand most acids, alkalis, and salts.

  • Elasticity: NBR rubber has good elasticity and can recover its original shape after being stretched or compressed.

  • Electrical Insulation: NBR rubber has good electrical insulation properties and is widely used in the production of electrical components and insulation materials.

  • Processing properties: NBR nitrile butadiene rubber has good processing properties.

Applications of BN2520-301 Rubber Coated Metal Material (RCM)

Rubber coated metal material (RCM) have a wide range of applications.

1. Automotive industry:  RCM can be used to make auto parts, such as gaskets, shock absorber parts, suspension system parts, etc. Because of the good flexibility and wear resistance of metal rubber composites, it can effectively dampen and absorb the vibration caused by road bumps, improve driving comfort and stability. At the same time, metal rubber can also prevent water, dust and other external substances from entering the interior of the car, improve the sealing of the car.  In addition, the processing technology of metal rubber coatings can also be extended from the bonding of rubber and metal to the bonding of rubber and plastic and fiber fabric. With the increase of the types of composite products and the expansion of the application field, the requirements for bonding technology are becoming higher and higher, and the application prospect of metal rubber coatings is broad.

2. Industrial Machinery: This material can be used for sealing components in heavy machinery that operate under harsh conditions, such as turbines, boilers, and heat exchangers.

3. Oil and Gas Industry: BN2520 can be used in the production of seals and gaskets for pipelines, valves, and other equipment that handle high-pressure and high-temperature fluids.

Please note that these are general recommendations based on the general operation conditions. The suitability of the material for a specific application should be determined through further testing and analysis. Always consult with Teamful Sealing materials engineer for advice tailored to your specific needs.

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