New RCM Material Master Coil Production Line Was Released To Production at Jiangmen Teamful

The capability of the new production line come to at least 4000 Linear Meters per day per shift. The master coil width up to 889mm, the standard coil usually 500 meters per roll.

This automatic rubber coated metal coil production line is a relative highly automated production line that can continuously apply rubber material to the surface of metal coil. The production line consists of the following parts:

Metal coil conveying system: metal coil is continuously fed into the production line.This system includes metal coil storage rack, metal coil traction device and metal coil conveyor belt.

Surface treatment system: before coating, the surface of metal coil needs to be degreased, cleaned and processed to treat the surface of metal coil.

Rubber coating system: This system is one of the most important components of the production line, which can automatically apply rubber material to the surface of metal coil.The core of the rubber coating system is a rubber coating head, which can accurately control the amount of rubber raw materials and the rate of recombination and bonding.

Heat treatment system: after coating, the rubber material on the surface of metal coil needs to be heat treated at high temperature to form a solid coating on the metal surface.

Finished product conveying system: finally, the production line needs a finished product conveying system to output the metal coil coated with rubber material from the production line. This system usually includes conveyor belt and finished product storage rack. RCM coil production line has the advantages of high automation, high production efficiency, stable coating quality, etc. RCM material and Foamed Metal Material is widely used in automobile, construction, shipbuilding and other fields.

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