Sealing Material
Our high-performance sealing materials ensure leak-free connections, providing reliability in various industries. Engineered for durability and efficiency, they meet the extreme sealing requirements.
Noise And Vibration Control Products
Reduce noise and vibration with our advanced products. Ideal for automotive, construction, and industrial applications, these solutions enhance comfort and protect equipment, ensuring a quieter and smoother environment.
Thermal Insulation
Our heat-resistant materials excel in extreme temperatures, preserving efficiency and safety. Whether for industrial processes or HVAC systems, trust our thermal insulation to maintain optimal performance.
Sealing Gaskets
Precision-engineered sealing gaskets from Teamful ensure dependable performance in critical applications. Designed to prevent leaks, they provide the perfect sealing solution for various industries.

Teamful Sealing's high-performance sealing,  braking and thermal Insulating products ensure reliable leak-free and safety solutions for diesel engines in commercial vehicles, enhancing reliability and efficiency on the road. 

Teamful Sealing's advanced braking products provide essential protection and longevity, contributing to the sustainability and performance of electric mobility.

Teamful Sealing empowers engineering machinery with sealing,  braking and thermal Insulating solutions, ensuring durable, high-performance materials and parts in the most demanding construction environments.

Enhance agricultural machinery with Teamful Sealing's dependable sealing,  braking and thermal Insulating products, safeguarding vital components and optimizing productivity for farmers around the world.

From motorcycles to all-terrain vehicles, Teamful Sealing's sealing,  braking and thermal Insulating products deliver reliability under extreme conditions, enhancing safety and performance for riders and off-road enthusiasts.

Teamful Sealing's sealing,  braking and thermal Insulating products  find applications in the diverse needs for General Dynamics, contributing to mission-critical reliability across their various powertrain applications.

Products such as gaskets and seals, which are used for sealing, are essential for general-purpose engines. They inhibit the leakage of fluids and gases, thereby guaranteeing peak performance and prolonging the engine’s life. These items are employed in a variety of engine parts to establish a secure seal for dependable functioning.

Why Choose Teamful Sealing to Be Your Sealing Products Partner?

TEAMFUL SEALING was established in 1985, focusing on the research and development and production of sealing materials and sealing parts for various industrial applications, especially in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, general power and other industries. Our products include sealing materials and parts, sound insulation materials and gaskets, heat and temperature resistant products. It is a national high-tech enterprise with research and innovation. The company is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, mainly engaged in the development and production of non-metallic sealing materials and sealing parts; The branch is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, mainly engaged in the development and production of rubber coating materials (RCM), noise reduction materials and related parts.

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Comments from Our Clients

Thanks for delivering the product in such a short time, you gave us perfect help for raw material shortage of urgent export orders. You know, the lead time of our American suppliers was at least 90 days and they already delayed over 35 days so far. But you delivered us product only take 30 days. Amazing service.


Your cylinder Head gasket design and samples works very well during engine dyno test.  The cost is very competitive than other suppliers. You help me getting a very flexible cost saving. Low price and fine quality. I thank you. 


I know our technical specifications for the RCM material seems very tough and compicated.  Thank Teamful team help me completing all liquid resistance performance during last month. You're the only one supplier answear my call this time.


We worked with each other over 10 years, right? I know the raw material cost increase a lots in last year. I understand and thank you only ask for 5% price raise up. One of my supplier request to have 20% price up.  Love to work with your company and your team.

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