Applications of Sealing Products

Our customers cover multiple industries, and their needs and preferences are as diverse as our products. Our customers can benefit from our extensive material expertise and rich engineering knowledge for finished parts applications. We always incorporate successful project results into the development of new generation products. We provide customers with high-quality customized or standardized solutions to meet challenging technical requirements and different applications. Our sealing products are mainly used in Transportation, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery and various industrial equipments.

Sealing Products For Commercial Vehicles (Diesel Engines)

Commercial Vehicles (Diesel Engines)

Our company provides sealing materials, heat insulation materials, brake shim materials and various gaskets, heat shields and other industrial components which made of different materials and structures for various commercial vehicles, to meet their different working conditions. The main function of gaskets is to prevent leakage of liquid media and other media used in sealing flange and conponents. The performance and reliability of sealing materials and the above categories of parts have very important impact on the normal operation and service life of the engine.
Sealing Products For EV

Electric Vehicles

The raw materials produced by our company can be used to make brake system seals and air conditioning system seals for new energy electric vehicles. Brake system is one of the important safety systems in new energy trams, and its sealing performance directly affects the braking effect and safety of trams. Our company brake system seals are mainly used for silencer. The air conditioning system is one of the important comfort systems in new energy trams, and its sealing performance directly affects the quality and comfort of the air inside the car.
Sealing Products For Engineering Machinery

Engineering Machinery

Diesel engines are widely used in various types of engineering machinery. Our company provides supporting services for famous brands of diesel engines at home and abroad. Supporting materials and parts products are widely used in oil pan, gear box, bearing cover, oil pump, water pump, intake and exhaust pipe, carburetor, chassis and other parts.
Sealing Products For Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery commonly utilizes diesel engines due to their higher fuel efficiency, extended service life, and reduced maintenance costs, making them extensively employed in the agricultural sector. Diesel engines effectively meet the power requirements of various agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation equipment. Additionally, they exhibit adaptability to diverse challenging working environments encountered by agricultural machinery including high temperatures, humidity levels, mud, and dust.
Sealing Products For Motorcycles And All-Terrain Vehicles

Motorcycles And All-Terrain Vehicles

With over 35 years of experience in materials and components application for Motorcycles and ATV, Teamful Sealing has been a long-term supplier of cylinder gaskets, crankcase gaskets, inlet and exhaust gaskets, oil pan gaskets, and heat shield products that serve the purposes of sealing, leakage prevention, waterproofing, shock absorption, heat insulation etc., ensuring the normal operation of motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle engines. Our heat shield products are designed to effectively reduce engine heat transfer to the occupant area while improving both occupant comfort and engine performance.
Sealing Products For General Dynamics

General Dynamics

Teamful Sealing has more than 20 years of experience in the application of materials and components in the field of general purpose machinery. The general small gasoline engine is mainly used as the power source of agriculture and forestry plant protection machinery, small agricultural machinery, gardening machinery, generator set, construction machinery, outboard machinery, etc. And its calibrated power is generally below 30kW. Due to its compact size, lightweight design, affordable price, and user-friendly operation, the general small gasoline engine holds a significant position in various equipment configurations.
Sealing Products For General Purpose Engines

General Purpose Engines

Sealing products, like gaskets and seals, are crucial for general-purpose engines. They prevent fluid and gas leakage, ensuring optimal performance and extending engine lifespan. These products are used in various engine components to create a tight seal for reliable operation.