Research & Development

Since the 1990s, our technology R&D team has conducted in-depth research on various types of sealing materials for decades. Teamful R&D team has conducted continuously research and development in material formulation, production process, performance validation test, performance improvement and optimization, material application solutions, application experience database completion.

At the same time, our team is also constantly innovating, making our products have excellent performance and application flexibility so as to match technical requirements for different industries and fields. Teamful products has considerable economic and cost saving advantages, and can meet the various environmental protection acceptance standards at home and abroad.

Teamful Sealing is the only Chinese fiber sealing material manufacturer that has obtained the global use approvement of Cummins CES engineering standard. And a number of environmental friendly non-asbestos fiber sealing materials have been approved by other Chinese domestic and multi-national OEM engine customers.

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