Brake Shims

Typical materials for brake shims include stainless steel, rubber, and composite materials. A common structure for a brake shim is a metal core with a rubber coating. The metal provides strength and durability, while the rubber coating reduces noise and vibration.

The rubber-coated metal brake shim is usually attached to the brake pad using an adhesive. The adhesive must be strong enough to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the braking system. The shim is then installed between the brake pad and the brake caliper.

In terms of installation, the brake shim is placed between the brake pad and the brake caliper. It's important to ensure that the shim is properly aligned and securely attached to the brake pad. Once the shim is in place, the brake caliper can be reinstalled.

Experience the ultimate in braking performance with our premium brake shims! Engineered with precision, our brake shims are designed to eliminate noise and vibration, providing you with a smooth and quiet ride.

The Top 5 High Frequency Problem for Brake Shim

The top 5 High frequency problem for Brake Shim

  • Noise: Brake shims are designed to reduce brake noise, but if they are not installed correctly or wear out, they can cause squeaking or squealing noises.

  • Vibration: If the brake shim is not fitted properly, it can cause excessive vibration during braking, which can lead to discomfort and reduced braking efficiency.

  • Durability: Brake shims, especially those made from inferior materials, can wear out quickly, requiring frequent replacement.

  • Fit: Not all brake shims are universal. Some are designed for specific makes and models of vehicles, so finding the right fit can sometimes be a challenge.

  • Heat Resistance: Brake shims are exposed to high temperatures during braking. If they are not made from heat-resistant materials, they can degrade quickly.

Made from high-quality, heat-resistant materials, Teamful Sealing brake shims offer superior durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Plus, with a wide range of sizes and fits available, you can find the perfect shim for your specific vehicle make and model. Don't compromise on safety and comfort - choose our brake shims for reliable, top-notch performance!

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