Technical Capability

Teamful Sealing's service tenet prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring top-notch quality, prompt responsiveness, and reliable solutions. We offer competitive pricing on our products along with exceptional product services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Additionally, we provide effective technical support and strive to assist customers in resolving issues encountered during product usage. Furthermore, we are capable of customizing auto parts according to specific customer requirements in order to cater to individual preferences. With well-established gloabl logistics channels, our products can be efficiently exported and delivered worldwide. 

After years of experience in material research and development and component testing, our company has established a relatively perfect capability to test physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of materials (in accordance with GB/ASTM/DIN testing standards) and the sealing/insulation performance of finished parts.

Test capability of finished parts: Full size data, Processing quality, Fujifilm surface pressure test, Bench test, High and Low temperature humidity cycle simulation test, etc.

Material performance testing capabilities: Rubber bonding strength, Rubber hardness, Compressibility, Recovery, Tensile Strength, Creep Relaxation, Oil resistance test, Specific medium resistance test, Oil and Gas sealing test, Thermal aging test, etc.

Technical Help