GX6440 Brake Shim Material

Introducing GX6440, the pinnacle of rubber coated metal brake shim materials. With a robust SPCC base metal thickness of 0.4mm and an overall thickness of 0.64mm, GX6440 offers unparalleled strength and flexibility. Its double-sided rubber coating ensures exceptional noise and vibration reduction, providing a smooth and quiet braking experience. The single-sided stripes enhance grip and stability, while the adhesive side ensures effortless installation and secure attachment. Upgrade your braking system with GX6440 for the perfect balance of strength, performance, and comfort on every road. Experience the pinnacle of automotive excellence with GX6440 brake shims.

Features of GX6440 Break Shim Material

  • Temperature Stability: RCM exhibits excellent temperature stability, maintaining its damping properties across a wide temperature range. It effectively dampens vibrations and noise even in extreme temperature conditions, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

  • Loss Factor: RCM demonstrates a remarkable loss factor, ranging from 0.001 to 1.000. This indicates its ability to absorb and dissipate energy efficiently, reducing vibrations and noise generated during braking. The wide range of loss factors allows for customization, ensuring optimal damping performance for various vehicle applications.

  • Consistent Damping: Regardless of temperature fluctuations, RCM maintains a consistent damping effect throughout the entire temperature curve. This ensures reliable and predictable braking performance, enhancing driver confidence and safety.

  • Versatility: RCM's damping effect is not only temperature-dependent but also loss factor-dependent. This versatility allows for fine-tuning the material's damping properties to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in various braking systems.

RCM material excels in providing consistent damping performance across a wide temperature range, with a customizable loss factor. Its exceptional temperature stability and damping capabilities make it an ideal choice for automotive applications, ensuring smooth and quiet braking experiences in diverse operating conditions.

Applications of GX6440 Break Shim Material

Based on the material testing and applicaiton success experience, Teamful GX6440 (RCM) brake shim material is highly recommended for various automotive applications. Its exceptional damping effect, temperature stability, and customizable loss factor make it an ideal choice for brake systems in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and even high-performance vehicles.

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